Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year 2008!!

2008..!! here I coMe..!! huhu...

hmm.. i gz its tyme to say goodbye 2007.. a year that will not be forgotten..
.may 2008 bring more joy and happiness to my life..become a more reSponsible and useful person.. ;)
wah!!! look how fast tyme flies.. one year passes by.. getting older.. huhuhu... i jz felt like it was 2007 yesterday.. hakhak... lot of stories to share and experience that will always remain within me.. a year that improved my life, made me look back and wonder how young and stupid i may have been a year beforE.. hakhak.. but no ones perfect ryte!!?! learn from what u have done.. as it will make u stronger for da future.. thumbs up ppl.. ;)

okee.. before i go blabbing again..huhu.. lets see what i did on new yearS!!!?? hmm... well.... My friend Ariffin (bdak Matric) hakhak.. ;p came by from Nilai to join the Gombak students.. so we decIded to go out and have fun.. what else to do on neW yearS? read books?? i donT thiNk so.. haha... planned to go 5 ppl.. bt 4 only appeaRed.. one all of a sudden decideD to go kayaking!!?? hehe..

Well... we had a good tyme.. went at aroun 12pm.. (sumone planned at 11... but came late..
huahuahua.. who could that be..hmm.. ;p) I had breakFast b4 dat at UIa... so.. didnt feel that hungRy.. came back at aroun 9 pm if im not mistakEn..
waTched "NationaL Treasure 2" (yup dats the pic of the ticket above..haha) not bad movie.. But someone kept laughin' beside me.. hakhak.. mcm tak ikhlas dye gelak..
(jgn marah ye.. hehe..) which spoilt da mood.. kiddin2'... ;p also someone already watched this movie.. so kesian to her to have to watch it again.. huahuahua..

tHen went to Eat afta da movie finished.. We ate at the food court... ordered Fish and Chips.. not bad.. had to all of a sudden eat western.. coz sumone missed British food... hehe..

Before / After

wah...!! sedap taw... huhu.. ;p

after finished eatin... time for window shopping!!!! huhu... as usual.. didnt buy anythin.. expensive i guess.. walked aroun for an hour or so.. aroun the park.... nothin wrong with exercising after eating... hehe.. went back in a while... ate Ice Cream.. bnyk ar exercise... hakhak.. then at aroun 8.. decided to go back... but all of a sudden I wanted to go out again.. tngok the view at night... smue ikut je... hehe.. btw.. my leg was not 100% recovered yet after playin football.. nth ar.. nak jugak kuar... hehehe... wE sat aroun there.. chit chat.. looked at the water fountain.. nice view to bring ur Girlfriend btw.. to anyone out there... haha... ;p

Well... dats about it that i did on this day.. A new yeaR at KLcC...!! not bad... would love to come back... and bring someone else... someone i promised i will... hehe... we will wait and see... ;p

owIte thatS all from me... I end this with a couple more mEmorAble PhotOs...


Time at FoodCourt.. huhu

Jalan2.... aroun KlcC!!!

BUBYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!