Saturday, November 27, 2010


Langkawi is really a nice place to visit if you want to enjoy your long vacation.. if you have problems in your love life and need a day off (not implying to me of course)..this is where you spendhahaha...

I went to Langkawi via Fire Fly on 24th November at 8:30am, with my parents and my small brother. We wanted to go as a whole family but since my 4 sisters had other commitments my dad decided that we took a look at the place first, what malays would call "merasmikan"....haha..
the flight was awesome, the stewardess were kind, and PRETTY of course.hehe~ its been a long time since i flew. The last time i remembered was when i went to visit my parents in Egypt which was like 2-3 years ago. Ooo how much I have missed that feeling. Since my dad retired, it looks like i will have to fly my way some day on my own..heee~

Upon arriving at Langkawi, we stayed at the Mutiara Burau Bay. My uncle works there and just got transferred, so they offered us to stay at their place. The view was nice, it was just facing the beach.. the air was clean and you can actually hear the sound of the wave which was clearly calming. Wish I could live there everyday and just enjoy gods creation everyday.

(the place where we stayed)

After we checked in and had our lunch, we began our journey. My dad had it all planned out, he already knew which place he wanted to go. It was like 3-4 places a day. We planned to stay for 3 days, so you do the maths, that is a lot of places to go..hahaha...

Day 1- we firstly visited the cable car which was just close to the hotel, around 5-10 minutes drive, and 15-30 minutes walk, which most foreigners did. When we reached the place, we had to wait 30 minutes to buy tickets. arghhhhhhhh!!! the line was long and the counter did not open until 12pm, it was on a wednesday... going back was not an option of course..since we already came a long way to be hear..hahaha... but as the saying goes, patients is a virtue.hee~ it was worth it i guess, nice view, good exercise and just like Genting highlands but just higher. After that we were all SOOOO tired exercising up and down..hahaha.. we went to eat and visited the "Beras Terbakar" then just passed by the waterfalls...

Day2- Another day of visiting places, it was straightforward, we visited Water Park, Eagle Square and went to Mahsuri Tomb.

Last Day- Final day, already lazy to go anywhere..hahaha... so i went jet skying and just enjoyed the beach

Bye-bye Langkawi.. until we meet again... =D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Langkawi!! here i come!!!

yeah!!! holiday at langkawi tomorrow... its been a long time since i went on a holiday... cant wait...heee~

Change is the only thing that is constant

The time is now exactly 1.21AM.. everyone is sound asleep while i feel like blogging which i have not done for quite awhile... hahaha.. hmmmm... seeing my last entry was on April.. thats like 8 months ago...!!! time feels like it's flying faster than ever...

it feels like just yesterday that i was spending my days playing with my toys as a child and having not to think about anything other than myself inside my own world.. But now, life seems to be more than about me..people are entering my world..once you get older.. you realize that there are more things to think about, more responsibilities that you have to carry and more sacrifices that you will have to make along the way.. But that is just life i guess.. we have to think about others and put them in our shoes..

Now...At the age of 21, having 2 semesters left until i graduate, my head is filled with questions with very few answers.

Am i ready to advance into a greater role for the future.. what i do now will determine what happens to me in the future..
Am i ready to go into a working life???
am i ready to get married and lead a family??
am i ready to teach and guide my children to become good people.. ?

but i guess it is no good worrying about change, but keeping up and being prepared to overcome it is more important...

hopefully i will be able to overcome all this in the future.. i guess now is the preparation phase.. i need to "not wait for tomorrow, as i will never get today back"

Saturday, April 17, 2010


udah masuk hari kedua aku bekerja..aku sudah mula biasakan diri dengan banggun awal pagi2...cheh..hahaha....

MySpaceAwal2 pun aku smpai lewat daripada semalam.. around 8.45...haha.. tapi sempat breakfast dekat cafe sri pentas.. nak masuk awal2 pun kang mengantok kan.. baik minum teh tarik dlu.. =D

todays task
hari ni aku continue preperation untuk AGM yang akan di'adakan di one world hotel.. aku ditugaskan handle bunting.. kena determine brape bunting many of each subsidiary, tv networks, radio, sponsors that they have and where to place them... depends on how much each tv stations want..

pastu aku kena cari news regarding media in general and also regarding mediaprima itself..

last but not least...

todays highlights
-esok aku dapat tido dekat one world hotel.. woohhhhhhoooooo!!! kena buat OT dapat ar aku duduk gombak..jauh nak ulang alik..hehehe...

-jumpa Fauziah Gous dekat cafe bawah tadi.. wahhhh.. lawa jugak bila dapat tengok depan mata.. nak mintak autograph segan pulak..


dah pakai tag....bukan pelancong asing dh..hahahaha..
also aku jumpa Zainal Ariffin Ismail.. pengacara misteri nusantara

DAY 3-4

hari ni aku dapat tidur 2 jam je...lebih kurang macam tak tido hotel je..haha.. kul 5 tido.. 7.30 dah kena banggun..huhu.. tapi aku turun lewat sikit..

boss: kenapa ni lewat.. faisal.. u tak boleh camni.. kena on time.. etc..(dengan muka tension)

Faisal: Semalam tido dua jam je..

boss: takpe2.. nanti possmorterm i address u guys..

kan dah kena marah.. aduhhh..dah ar penat semalam tido kul 5 prepare kena sound pagi2.. huhu..breakfast pun tak sempat.. but i guess thats working life kan.. sometimes you dont sleep enough.. =)

todays highlights
- first time experience seeing shareholders act like they never seen food before..haha.. time nak ambik makanan tu.. serbu macam refugees tak cukup makan..huhu.. kesian gak tengok nenek2 dan atuk2 tua ni.. memang macam kat pasar malam.. kelam kabut gak...
- possmortem issues: no floor manager + overlapping communication..

todays highlights

aduhhh.. kena saman parking pulak.. dah ar gaji intern ciput.. ni kena bayar lagi..


this made my day..hahaha.. tension2 issue kena saman salah parking.dapat main bowling freee.......WOHOOOOOOOO!!!! ada gak celebriti2 yang main.. aku sama team dengan Ahmad Fadzil pembaca berita sukan.. dapat gak sembang2.. yang lain datang.. kebanyakan pembaca berita buletin utama, ntv7 ada WHI host..

THANX AGAIN YEAH!!!!!! hehe..