Thursday, September 14, 2006


Changing a course of life is tough for anyone, especially when moving places a couple of times. This was what I experienced throughout my life. Going to Egypt was one HECK of a journey...

I had already stayed in 4 different countries, mainly in the Arab region. I had by now seen everything this region could possibly offer….. Staying around there for more than 10 years?!!….

Egypt would be a piece of cake!!!

BUT, I was wrong after ALL, this venue was my miles more extraordinary than what I had anticipated. The people … the place… very unique…

I first arrived on the 21st of August 2004 at 1:00 a.m. Once the plane landed, I felt different and unhappy coz I had to settle in here. Looking at the airport itself made it worse. Not just that… Getting to know the culture was not an easy task.

Above all, I had to be acquainted with the people there and fit in with the society.

You want Taxi!!! a guy asked me after coming out of the airport...
WELL... after lookin at his taxi... I would say they were quite ODD… one of a kind… not what u expect to see in KL....
I felt like I was back in the 1950’s or so…hahaha!!!!
then 3 or 4 more taxi driver’s started offering
me a ride… with a decent charge.

"you can see what i mean"

But.... thankfully!! I had a RIDE; my father’s office driver was coming by to pick us up.

I stayed in the Marriott Hotel for the next few weeks… decided to take it one day at a time… still shocked from what I saw around me….

As months past by… then years…. I began schooling there… and got to know the people around there… visiting the pyramids … riding on CAMELS… hahaha!!! … learning the language… I had a lot of fun… made some new friends…. Really nice people which I will clearly miss….

Hope to meet them again in the future…

WELL… although stayin here only for 2 years… I felt like this was a place to return someday…2 years on... I learnt a lot from this experience… one of that was that

I should not judge the place by its exterior (cover)… (like I did with the taxi) haha!! BUT I should judge it from whats inside… (the ppl)

Despite saying all this…… there is ONE aspect which I will clearly not miss when I leave Egypt… and this is the unwillingness of the ppl to….


Friday, September 08, 2006

WeLL … what can I say.. my first writing for my blog which opens up a new beginning for my journey in my life… life is as usual … boring with nothing to do after completing my o’levels…. What to do?? as ppl usually say’s.. life is not PERFECT!! Moments can turn out the way you least expected …

At around 10:30.. I was eatin’ this wonderful dinner my mom prepared me.. tasting and enjoying every bit of it.. when all of the sudden.. I juz realized that I must by all means record my day-to-day activities… bearing in mind and realizing that I will never return to this moment and remember how my life turned out to be the way it was… compunction started to build up in my head as to why I had not thought of this much earlier… now at 17 years old… one can say a journey had long begun and many things had been experienced..

But in particular.. I want to show gratitude to one of my greatest friend in the world…! Danni Jay,,, he opened up my mind into doing this…

well…this is how it all begun.. we were chattin some time ago… talking to one another about how long we had not seen each other…he then told me to open up his blog… which I did … eventually after some thinking.. I realized how important life is and I should there4 cherish every minute of it and record it!!... Danni use to be in the same class with me back in Sri Utama… despite him coming in a few months before I left… I knew that he was a friend that I could count on… We both were dreamin some time ago of doin business together… owning a company…etc… haha!!! Well… Lets just hope one day it will happen … yeah.. bro…!!