Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uthman Block C3.6

Does time really fly or what?
Its already been 4 years in UIA..
I am getting older!!!

it feels like yesterday
that I became a "University student".
First day going to class and getting lost at Econs department...
belum lagi center kan..hahaha..

i have more responsibility..
working life coming up
mixed feeling.
definitely will miss student life.

Being a
UIA student has taught me a lot about life.
the environment itself will be missed.
and to also my friends

but i still
have 1-2 months left right..

I have a lot of unfinished business...
visit places where I have never been to.
and finally one last thing
I have been meaning to do since 4 years..

still thinking twice though..
lets just see if i really do it..



Uthman block C3.6
my first and last room..

off to Bilal for a month.. =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading time...........

That's right, its time to read people. what else to do during holidays..
sleep all day??? I GUESS NOT!!!!!
For those who question my "rajin"ness.. (is that even a word)
I do read OK from time to time...
no jokes...
Kata student, reading is essential to enhance our thinking..
just finished my exam, so this is something i should be enjoying right..hehe

but the question is what i am going to read today..
lets see...
The boy who cried wolf?? three little pigs??
Harry potter
(nampak sangat lama tak baca novels)
that's all i can think of during my school days..
because we had to make reading was a must..

Its a tough question right, cause you hardly see me read for those who know me,
and then BOOM!!! an entry on me reading..hahaha
one quick question though,
does reading a magazine really count as READING TIME??
if some feel no than tough luck, it should..
because you are inputting words into your brain.
YEAH!!! I am going to read a magazine today
this fills up another post for my blog...

But the magazine's' I'm going to read are essential in me
enhancing my skills about photography..

kata nak beli SLR..
you should atleast know the parts and functions that it does kan..

thats WHEN this comes in handy..

still on the first page..hoho..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nikon D90 or Canon EOS 550D?

Yup. these are two different camera that
I am considering to buy with a budget range of RM2000.
Need help guys.huhu.. The problem is I am no expert in photography.
My family needs one, family members getting married, events coming up
and plus I am graduating soon, Gambar comfem kena ber"Quality" kan..hahaha..

From my research, Nikon D90 has a 12MP resolution
while Canon EOS 550d has 18MP.
but from reviews, a higher resolution does not mean better quality pictures,
having to take into consideration lens, lighting, etc.
Both have HD video, but Canon is better with a higher frame rate of 30fps
while Nikon has 24fps. Canon is much smaller and lighter
and has a better ISO boost which comes in handy at night time.
Need to read more i guess, these are not sufficient.

but at the end of the day,
the price of the camera plays a major role in me deciding what to buy.
Lain ar I get full sponsor,
cause my dad and sister is paying but im not sure how much.
So the ownership goes to those who pay right..
i guess its not only mine then..hehe..

apa lagi... Jom shopping guyz..check out these cameras..hee =D

p.s. Check out Camera Tips to learn more about photography..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woohooo!!! Exam ku dah abis.. 1 short sem to go...

Wahhhhhh..i cannot explain how good it feels when exam is over.haha.. Even after having 9 days of break, the feeling of exams was still there. But now..I can freely wake up, eat, sleep, watch movie whenever i want and not be thinking conflicts, managers, quality..hee~

ooo..Yes..thats right.i am pointing towards you.don't be jealous.. you know who im talking about "Cikgu". Baru mention dua kali nama dalam blog dah budget aku rindu. Come on ar bro.please ar..haha..btw.Someone also owes me a KFC. Thanks for reminding yup, dah 1-2 years still pending. I bet that person is also reading this..haha..

Ok2 back to talking about me. This is my blog right, why should i be talking about other people..wahaha.. I am currently still in UIA. Spending some last moments as a UIA student before I officially grad in like 2-3 months. YEAH!!! and i expect a big bear waiting for me "Cikgu".hoho..Dont ask me how I feel, its quite a mixed feeling to be honest. "I am not a student anymore"can be a question or also just said enthusiastically ..huhu..

3 weeks of holiday to enjoy, more entries will come when im definitely will get bored.hehe.. Till then, don't play with fire yup guys..hahaha..All the best.. ^_^

Thursday, April 07, 2011

아이유, 런닝맨, KARA, SNSD, 패밀리가 떴다, Heroes, Come to play...

yes!!! 아이유 its written in korean letters which means IU..a cute 18 year old singer from Korea. Tak kenal tu sila ar google yup bagi kenal.haha..


Aha,yes,yup!!! i am admitting..i am becoming a K-POP fan..haha..time2 hindustan dah tak berapa ar sangat skang. Before this, i use to not understand why people watch 4-5 hours of family outing or just any korean shows and not get bored. Haahhh!!! Now i get it, there's just something different with Korean shows and singers. They are very open-minded, outgoing and funny, you can laugh, laugh,laugh all day watching these shows..haha..(yes..i know you are reading and you also watch it Ariffin Roslan) Also, credit to the crew members. With their creativity in adding sound effects and visual, the show turns out interesting to watch. i bet one day malay shows will try to copy something similar as usual. LOL...

the one to watch now is of course, "Running Man".. Lawak gile dowh.. episode 31 coming out today..cant wait..hahaha..

btw. I am currently bored, nak study malas..just wanted to update my blog while waiting for download to topic to write, keluar ar cite pasal ni..hahaha..orite download is up and ready to watch. till we meet again. Adios amigos. ^_^

P.S. my roomate watched korean drama and cried in Matric.. i wonder who..hahaha.. =p

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

9 days break before next exam...!!!

9 days! bReAk!!! what to do!!! obviously its for me to study longer for my next exam on 13th April..kata nak score 3.5...last long sem..have to get deans list..hahaha.. But i guess that's just not me. Ive always been a last minute person. Every sem comes the same script of me wanting to do well, start study early, bla...bla..bla... tetttttt.. just not happening i guess with roommates like ARIFFIN ROSLAN and CHOT..easily get distracted by their presence..hehe..

I am now at Econs by the way..4th floor, the classroom infront of the lift..ALONE..semangat tol kan...Roomates probably sleeping at this time..wakakaka.. intended to study atleast 1-2 chapters..Well guess what..ended up "facebook"ing, reading blogs, (ARIFFINQUOTES-boo man u) downloading, and now blogging again after ages not updating....hohoho..

Now its raining some weather..don't blame me for wanting to fall asleep..hahaha...Ive got 2 exams left..and one short sem..taking 2 subjects..thats 4 more exams before its goodbye UIA..and i guess its also goodbye to "SOMEONE"..huhu... all the best to you yup... ^_^