Monday, May 19, 2008

Mua 19th burfday!!! =D

Im 19 alrEadY!!!??!?!!?! =p

well hello to mua blog again... this time its time to write abt my burfday... hehe...

19 only comes once rite.. !!! so... i tink i shud remember this moment.. espcially this is my first year celebrating my burfday as a uni student.. hak3... (as if it makes a diff) =p

anywayz.. back to the discussion...

oN May 19 2008... me and my 5 frndz... ( 4 rumate + 1 outsider (a.k.a. not official rumate..haha..)) decided to have fun on this day... not to mention on da very same day it was my rumates burfday.. what a coincidence... But he is a year older than me.. so.. technically makin me a younger brother..haha.. which i believe he himself did not know till we both asked our birth dates... =p

from da pictures... we clearly had fun.. mornin till nite... hahahaha... from O.U., time square, KLCC and all da way to shakeys pizza in Alpha Angles... ate pizza, played bowling, watched a movie... not really sure how much we spent.. haha... =p

A FUN DAY!!!!!!!

but.. if only i had a cake to sum up my day with.... hak3... =p