Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading time...........

That's right, its time to read people. what else to do during holidays..
sleep all day??? I GUESS NOT!!!!!
For those who question my "rajin"ness.. (is that even a word)
I do read OK from time to time...
no jokes...
Kata student, reading is essential to enhance our thinking..
just finished my exam, so this is something i should be enjoying right..hehe

but the question is what i am going to read today..
lets see...
The boy who cried wolf?? three little pigs??
Harry potter
(nampak sangat lama tak baca novels)
that's all i can think of during my school days..
because we had to make reading was a must..

Its a tough question right, cause you hardly see me read for those who know me,
and then BOOM!!! an entry on me reading..hahaha
one quick question though,
does reading a magazine really count as READING TIME??
if some feel no than tough luck, it should..
because you are inputting words into your brain.
YEAH!!! I am going to read a magazine today
this fills up another post for my blog...

But the magazine's' I'm going to read are essential in me
enhancing my skills about photography..

kata nak beli SLR..
you should atleast know the parts and functions that it does kan..

thats WHEN this comes in handy..

still on the first page..hoho..

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