Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woohooo!!! Exam ku dah abis.. 1 short sem to go...

Wahhhhhh..i cannot explain how good it feels when exam is over.haha.. Even after having 9 days of break, the feeling of exams was still there. But now..I can freely wake up, eat, sleep, watch movie whenever i want and not be thinking conflicts, managers, quality..hee~

ooo..Yes..thats right.i am pointing towards you.don't be jealous.. you know who im talking about "Cikgu". Baru mention dua kali nama dalam blog dah budget aku rindu. Come on ar bro.please ar..haha..btw.Someone also owes me a KFC. Thanks for reminding yup, dah 1-2 years still pending. I bet that person is also reading this..haha..

Ok2 back to talking about me. This is my blog right, why should i be talking about other people..wahaha.. I am currently still in UIA. Spending some last moments as a UIA student before I officially grad in like 2-3 months. YEAH!!! and i expect a big bear waiting for me "Cikgu".hoho..Dont ask me how I feel, its quite a mixed feeling to be honest. "I am not a student anymore"can be a question or also just said enthusiastically ..huhu..

3 weeks of holiday to enjoy, more entries will come when im definitely will get bored.hehe.. Till then, don't play with fire yup guys..hahaha..All the best.. ^_^

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