Thursday, April 07, 2011

아이유, 런닝맨, KARA, SNSD, 패밀리가 떴다, Heroes, Come to play...

yes!!! 아이유 its written in korean letters which means IU..a cute 18 year old singer from Korea. Tak kenal tu sila ar google yup bagi kenal.haha..


Aha,yes,yup!!! i am admitting..i am becoming a K-POP fan..haha..time2 hindustan dah tak berapa ar sangat skang. Before this, i use to not understand why people watch 4-5 hours of family outing or just any korean shows and not get bored. Haahhh!!! Now i get it, there's just something different with Korean shows and singers. They are very open-minded, outgoing and funny, you can laugh, laugh,laugh all day watching these shows..haha..(yes..i know you are reading and you also watch it Ariffin Roslan) Also, credit to the crew members. With their creativity in adding sound effects and visual, the show turns out interesting to watch. i bet one day malay shows will try to copy something similar as usual. LOL...

the one to watch now is of course, "Running Man".. Lawak gile dowh.. episode 31 coming out today..cant wait..hahaha..

btw. I am currently bored, nak study malas..just wanted to update my blog while waiting for download to topic to write, keluar ar cite pasal ni..hahaha..orite download is up and ready to watch. till we meet again. Adios amigos. ^_^

P.S. my roomate watched korean drama and cried in Matric.. i wonder who..hahaha.. =p

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