Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Buat Arwah...

I guess it's true.. when people say..
we humans always do not appreciate
what we already have
until we lose it..
We enjoy our life...and forget
this world is only a transit for us..
a stop..
a place to collect all the deeds we can possibly take..
to be reflected in yaum al-akhirat..

we do not thank Allah SWT enough for what he has given us..
until it is too late..

Islam is very comprehensive..
Al-Quran is our guidance..

but we do not follow in accordance to Islam..
we try to do the things he hates..

On Thursday night
28th April 2011..
I lost a dear uncle...
an uncle
who would always...
bring laughter to the whole family..
put his family above all and his priority..
a true role model..

a friend of mine said yesterday..
some people die earlier..
while others die later..
this is to allow those who are alive to reflect
on their own lives and seek forgiveness from Allah SWT..
ask ourself are we ready..
are we well equipped..
do we have enough deeds..

Dan Allah sekali-kali tidak akan menangguhkan (kematian) seseorang apabila datang waktu kematiannya. Dan Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan. (QS, Al-Munafiqun, 63:11)

at the age of 50 years old..
Allah SWT has called him back..

remember that death is certain..
that it can come at anytime..

for giving me wonderful parents..

for giving me a healthy body

for giving me a comfortable life..

a lot of people cared about you..
I am really sad..
I feel like I am still dreaming..
I feel what others feel..
but i know that...
Allah SWT loved you more..
on a friday night your life was taken..
and you would not want us to cry..
you would want us to smile..
like how you would be doing seeing how much everyone turned out
on your funeral to say goodbye..
how much smile and laughter you bring to us
when you balik kampung during raya time..

“Demi Allah, seandainya jenazah yang sedang kalian tangisi bisa berbicara sekejab, lalu menceritakan (pengalaman sakaratul mautnya) pada kalian, niscaya kalian akan melupakan jenazah tersebut, dan mulai menangisi diri kalian sendiri”.
(Imam Ghozali mengutip atsar Al-Hasan).

Setiap perkara yang berlaku ada hikmahnya..
thankyou Allah SWT for giving me this experience..
giving me a chance to reflect on myself..
the motivation..
the remembrance..
to repay my parents for what they have given me..
the sacrifice they have made..

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..

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